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After-School Clubs are an additional part of student life at Salem Christian School.  They are intended to enhance the students’ schooling experience. Usually, the clubs meet once a week for 6 or 8 weeks.  And, we schedule them twice, once in the late fall and once in late winter time.   The clubs will be varied.  They can be academic, athletic, or just plain fun.  They are available for students enrolled in Salem Christian School.

Below you will find current offerings and the in-line after-school registration form.  Please submit once for each child.  However, you may pay one time per family through PayPal or by submitting a check to the school office.    Registrations are complete upon submission of payment.

Robotics grades 4-8
For six Tuesday’s, Mr. Howard, a retired engineer, is excited to offer a robotics club to our students.  The school has invested in robotics kits so that the students can enjoy building, programming, and operating robotic devices.  This is a very popular club.

Art grades 5-8

For 6 Mondays, Mrs. Tittle is always thinking up something fun to do and learn at the same time.

Get creative with more challenging and fun art projects. Learn a new media process every week, and get crafty! Space is limited to 10 students grades 5-8.

Come join the fun!

(The PayPal button says donate.  Please use it; but, know that if goods or services are exchanged it cannot be considered tax-deductible.)

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