Fine Arts

Appreciating the wonder of our Creator and worship him through various expressions:
Music. drama, and art were created by God as an expression of His majesty and His nature. God gave us the arts as a way to express our love and praise to Him. Salem Christian School’s Fine Arts Program has been devised with the intention of revealing to our students their unique talents and gifts in the visual and performing arts so that they can better glorify God. We believe that creation is God’s artwork; He was the first Creator (Genesis 1:1), and He has created man with the ability to produce and appreciate beauty (Genesis 1:27). The goal of our Fine Arts Program is to motivate students to reflect the creativity of God and to create for His glory. Our classes at Salem promote an understanding of aesthetics (What is art?), art criticism (How is art organized?), art history (What is man’s record of creativity?), art production, and creative expression.

We invite you to join us for one of our programs.  You will find this Lehigh Valley Christian school has a strong arts program that is celebrated in the local theater awards, art competitions, and musical performances.  Follow our social media and check out our website for performance times and places.  You will find more information by clicking on the links below.


Visual Arts
Performing Arts