Performing Arts

Students and spectators from the Lehigh Valley area enjoy the co-curricular classes and extra-curricular activities that encompass the performing arts.  In addition to dramatic arts courses, film appreciation courses, and children’s theater (puppetry), there is an opportunity to perform in the annual theater production performed by our very own Witness Team.

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Performing Arts Booster Club :

The Performing Arts Booster Club is a group that is responsible for supporting the performing arts at Salem Christian School.  They help by volunteering, donating, and prayer.  Whether you are supporting the drama program as an individual or a business, your sponsorship of this year’s production will ensure that quality plays and musicals continue to be a tradition at Salem Christian School.  You can find out more about how to sponsor the performing arts through our Performing Arts Booster Club page.

Stage Craft Club :

The Stage Craft Club is a club that specifically inspires and trains students how to create the wonders of a stage production.  The club visits local theatrical productions.  They learn the theater arts through presentations, workshops, and  first-hand experience.  It is welcome to all middle and high school students.  The cost is $75 per semester Club fee which includes workshops, show, food and club t-shirt. Download the permission slip and return it by 1/22/19

 Info Sheet

Permission Slip


Stage Craft Workshop Dates:

January 26 12-3pm     February 16 10-1pm

March 16 12-3pm         April 27 9-12pm

Stage Craft Field Trip:

January 20, 2019 2pm
Bye bye birdie
Lancaster Bible College We will be leaving from SCS at 12:15PM

Masquerade ball:

May 4, 2019 7pm

Performing Arts Productions: 

Performing Arts is a high school drama team that seeks to spread the truth of Christ’s love with a lost and broken world through the medium of dramatic presentation. From skits to full-length productions, Witness and its individual members aspire to “shine like stars” in a dark world by “holding out the word of life” through both on-stage performances and off-stage behavior.

Through this ministry and program, students have the opportunity to obtain vital technical experience in theater, including set design and production, lighting and sound, prop development, stage makeup application and costume design, as well as in the promotional aspect of theater through posters, programs, advertisements, and ticket sales.

SCS’s drama program aims at offering a wide spectrum of theater exposure.  The fall theater program emphasizes acting skill development and team building as students prepare several sketches for chapel and prepare a larger Christmas program.   In the spring, Witness develops a full-scale theater production, incorporating the elements practiced in the fall program and implementing the broader technical aspects of a production.   From this spectrum of experience, many former SCS students have gone on to pursue theater in their home churches, other ministries, college experiences, and even in their future careers.

Children’s Theater (Puppetry) with a purpose:

puppet_palsThe Puppet PALS puppet team consists of 9th through 12th grade students. This elective class is part of the Salem Fine Arts program. The performing group has existed for 27 years. The name “Puppet PALS” stands for Puppets Performing About the Loving Savior.

The team produces a variety of programs, which resemble a Broadway show done with puppets. They include special effects, lively music, and clever dialogue. Their programs may also include ventriloquism, juggling, sign language, stick drama, and gospel illusions. All programs are appropriate for the entire family. The team regularly ministers in churches, Christian schools, nursing homes, and clubs for children and youth.

The Puppet PALS have performed at regional and international puppetry festivals. They have also taken ministry trips throughout Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, and throughout the eastern seaboard from Vermont to Florida.