Battle Hymn of the Mind

Dr. Moreland is one of my favorite modern Christian philosophers. Dr. J.P. Moreland, a leading evangelical thinker and distinguished professor of philosophy at Talbot School of Theology, has prompted discussion with a passionate, academic, deeply biblical and timely treatise on how to “recover the Christian mind, renovate the soul and restore the spirit’s power.” He says, “Christian teaching as a source of knowledge” in his book, Kingdom Triangle p.35). It is inspiring to read a book written by a Christian scholar who has illuminated the foundational issues of knowledge and the Church so profoundly. As a Christian educator the task of developing a Christian mind relating to spiritual formation in particular and Kingdom power at large is particularly poignant.


In his books Love Your God With All Your MInd and Kingdom Triangle, Dr. Moreland takes the reader on an intellectual adventure. He proposes thought provoking questions that encourage deeper reflection and insight. This book inspire those called to be teachers, scholars for the church, parents whose children are in school, and an unbelieving world. Thisis an enthusiastic vision for shedding light on the health and future of the Western church (Kindgowm Triangle, p.14). According to Steven Ivester’s review of Dr. Moreland’s books, “His books are deeply academic and do not shy away from in-depth analysis of various philosophical terms, appropriate biblical scholarship, and credible authorities on social science, theological, and cultural issues, it never treads wearily through the tedious; it’s equally practical. The writing is crisp, clear, and compelling from beginning to end.”


Often I refer to Dr. Moreland and others in the Worldview class that I teach twice a week. I think It is important that our students are able to assess the “crisis of our age”. I am passionate about ensuring that our students understand the current state of Western culture and the lies they are being told as if it is bonafide truth. If research is correct, we are losing the cultural war. We need to “band together” as Christian’s today have lost intellectual ground. As Moreland says, “Both in and out of the Church, Jesus has been lost as an intellectual authority” (77). In short, Christians must learn to think. Salem Christian school is poised to stand in the cultural cross hairs with the Truth needed to combat this onslaught from the enemy.


Over the next few weeks I intend to delve a little deeper into this worldview battle. I want to draw the battle lines. I want to help students, parents, and teachers, to understand what is at stake. I desire to see the Christian school standing at the gates


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