Whats the Difference(RS)

Being Different

Being different seems to be en vogue these days. Interestingly, the Christian has always been told to be different. Followers of Jesus Christ are expected to think differently, act differently, and live differently. Moreover, this difference should be indicative of the faith we hold (I Peter 2:9). Christians are to stand out and be a bit odd to the secular thinker (Romans 12:2). Each person was designed with a different purpose; therefore, difference is required and beneficial. As the French say, “Vive le difference!” Embrace the difference, it is exactly who you are supposed to be.

As a head of a Christian school, I am determined that we be different than the other choices out there. What is the point of the time, energy, resources, and sacrifices if it is exactly what is being done down the street, often for no cost to the parent? The differences should be highlighted and exalted. Mind you, difference does not mean less than. The difference I espouse is that the school I lead demonstrates the value of having God’s truth infused in every aspect of the school program. I want this truth to be expressed through superior academic rigors, physical activities, and spiritual environment.

In my personal (ongoing) pursuit of excellence I have learned some things along the way and continue to ponder the research and how it is applicable to a Christian school. I am excited about the opportunity to share some of my thoughts and musings.  I generally enjoy writing about things that are happening within the Christian education movement in general and other things that may be more applicable to the Lehigh Valley of Eastern-Central Pennsylvania.  Because, I enjoy consulting with other schools and learning from them so that we, educators, can all get better at what we do. I truly hope that I add to the conversation so that each of us move to the next level. It is of no surprise to those that know me, I enjoy discussing things that may help or inspire parents, students, and fellow educators to provide a strong educational program.  I hope that you will join me as I find some things that ring true or ideas that challenge and write about them in my weekly blog.   I would enjoy your feedback and input.  Together, we can develop this generation of students to be the leaders for the next generation.


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