Salem Christian School has a limited hot lunch program.  However, most Fridays there is a hot lunch choice.  Other days periodically there are specialty meals/items to purchase.  Every day there are a-la-carte items that can be purchase without pre-ordering.

All orders for lunches and specialty meals (ie: Subway and Chick-fil-A) are to be ordered through the ParentsWeb portal. All orders are due by the Wednesday prior at noon (12:00 p.m.) in order to provide ample opportunity to plan appropriately. The lunch calendar is within ParentsWeb portal under the Student Information tab by clicking on the Lunch button.  Payment for lunches is due upon the order and is handled online within the secure ParentsWeb.

Incidentals such as snack stand, baked items, milk, and tea can be purchased during lunch times. Limited items for elementary grades. These are purchased within the cafeteria. To purchase these items the students can use cash or their pre-paid lunch account. Students without available funds in their account will not be permitted to purchase unless they have cash.

$0.50 Milk, Iced Tea, and 1/2 Chocolate Milk
$1.00 Whole Chocolate Milk
$3.50 K-12 Regular Hot Lunch
$4.50 6-12 Mega Hot Lunch
Specialty meals are at market price.

Each family may pre-load the lunch account to cover incidental items purchased in the cafeteria or provide their child with cash. Families can do this through their FACTS account. The minimum is $20 and when a family drops below $10 an email notification will be sent from FACTS. Students without monies in their account will not be able to purchase the incidental items. Any questions, please contact the school office.

Lunch refunds can only be processed if they are requested before noon on Wednesday prior to the lunch.  Lunches are usually rescheduled if there is no school due to inclement weather.