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What makes Salem Christian School so special?
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I am asked that question a lot. This is a place that pulls you in, that engages you, excites you, and endears you.  Every day on our campus, you can see our commitment to our mission  to educate, nurture, and challenge the whole child to make a difference in the world, wherever they are called to by God.  We offer an innovative and rigorous curriculum rooted in the liberal arts and sciences.   We endeavor to see Salem Christian School maintain its position as the premier Lehigh Valley Christian school.
We see each child as a unique individual with great potential.  We do it with innovation and creativity, and by encouraging students to think outside the box. We do it with an incredible staff of dedicated teachers who spark students’ intellectual curiosity. We want students to ask “questions and have the skills, knowledge, courage and freedom needed to discover the answer to life’s big and small questions.
We are a school that understands that a child’s formative years are important to who they become.  We challenge our students to reach lofty goals as artists, scientist,  and athletes. We want our students to become the best that they can be and use their minds, bodies, and souls to love God with abandon.
Please visit our campus and see for yourself what makes this school an extraordinary learning community rooted in the belief that the Christian faith is necessary to unlock truth and the fullness of understanding.

Mark A. Stanton, Ed.D.

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