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Spiritual Development

Student life at Salem Christian School is permeated by a spiritual emphasis.  Our vision is to assist parents in developing a God-centered worldview in their children by providing a vibrant educational and spiritual environment where Godly character and unity in Christ can flourish, thereby enabling students to serve God and impact the world through biblical thought and action.  We desire see our students to continue to impact the Lehigh Valley, Eastern Pennsylvania, and into the rest of the world.  Therefore, Bible is a vital subject that is taught in engaging and age-appropriate ways each day. It begins with character studies in elementary and moves systematically throughout the years to culminating senior courses that hopefully entrench the students in a Christian worldview.

Our highest goal is to see each student enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and continue to walk with Him day by day. Students are challenged in the practical application of their faith in the choices they make, in the attitudes they possess, and in what they choose to go along with that would be contrary to God’s Word. Students are confronted with how their actions reflect upon who they claim to be as Christians. Living for Jesus Christ is not something that can be turned off and on depending on the situation.  It should be a singular priority.

Besides being academic instructors, our teachers are spiritual mentors for their students. This is a role we take very seriously. Teachers take time to counsel, listen to, and pray with their students in both formal and informal settings. Discipline at every level is carried out with an eye for the discipleship of students in their Christian walks.

Chapel program
Weekly chapels are held for the students. A particular theme is chosen and developed throughout the year. The format is widely varied including participation from pastors and youth pastors of local churches, other outside Christian speakers, teachers, alumni and current students. Chapels devoted to prayer, testimonies and music also occur.



Discipleship Groups
Single gender groups of 10-12 students meet with a student leader and a staff member once a week for discipleship in the areas of personal spiritual growth that are centered around the challenge  received during chapel based on the annual theme. Topics from God’s Word, relevant to living out the Christian faith in today’s world, are openly discussed. Leadership skills are developed as groups are challenged to meet the needs of others by planning and carrying out activities to minister to those around them.

Spiritual Emphasis Week 

In the beginning of each year there is a week that is intended to introduce the spiritual growth theme for the year and set a tone for who we are as a secondary school.  The spiritual emphasis week culminates at Advance, an overnight trip for the secondary students.

Praise Team
Salem Christian School high school students lead us in worship through music in our chapel program. The praise team also ministers at student conferences and other events throughout the year.

Community Service

Twice a year, during Ministry Days, the secondary students go to several locations in the region to provide community service.  The students have an opportunity to support the ministries in the region by providing support for the programs that they offer.  The students can be found in Easton, Reading, Philadelphia, Allentown, and various other areas during these organized days.  Beyond these special days the homeroom classes seek out opportunities to serve the communities where we live.